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Lauren and Dolapo – a beautiful wedding in the Oxfordshire countryside; the ceremony was filmed at the stunning St. Edberg’s Church in Bicester, Oxfordshire, followed by a fabulous reception at the picture perfect Poundon House, just a short distance away.

Right from the start, here at Jumping Spider Films, we knew that filming Lauren and Dolapo’s wedding video at the stunning Poundon House, near Bicester in Oxfordshire, was going to be one to remember.  When a couple decide to create a dedicated wedding website as well as their own wedding insignia, the gang at Jumping Spider Films gets all excited about filming a wedding that is sure to be choc full of bespoke details; and with the team at Poundon House happy to make Lauren and Dolapo’s celebration truly as individual as they are, their finished wedding video tells the story of their wedding day in a beautifully unique style.

Our aim as bespoke wedding videographers is to capture as much of a couple’s big day as possible; we are there to preserve the memories of what is truly one of life’s happiest and most special occasions, the wedding of two people, the joining of their families, celebrated with their closest friends and relatives and we’d like to think, with Lauren and Dolapo’s wedding, followed by their reception, held in a stunning marquee in a secluded part of the Poundon House grounds, we did just that.

From the soft, muted palette of the blush floral arrangements, to the sparkling, diamante details of Lauren’s gorgeous wedding dress and some of the most stunning bridesmaids’ gowns we’ve seen, this exclusive use, stately home venue complemented their scheme beautifully; from the chalky tones of the hand printed Poundon House marquee, to the delicate fairy lights on the ivory dancefloor; the location became the perfect backdrop to a truly intimate event.

Against the stunning setting of Poundon House and the Oxfordshire countryside, our highly experienced, Jumping Spider Films wedding videography team were able to discretely capture all of those memorable moments, we hope Lauren and Dolapo will look back on for years to come;  the relaxed bridal party preparations, the emotional speech made by the groom, the hilarious, yet touching, speeches made by his brothers – the best men – as well as several very funny, really heart-warming guest messages.

Then, as if by magic, this calm, serene wedding suddenly burst into colour, transforming into a Nigerian style wedding reception rich in culture and custom; the dancefloor was flooded with guests in traditional dress and beaded jewellery, a sea of yellows, golds, ambers, russets and crimsons, all happy to sway, dance and move, rhythmically in sync with one another.  So seamless was the transformation, it’s easy to see why Poundon House is becoming renowned for being such a versatile wedding venue; over the years having catered for wedding parties from all backgrounds, culture and faiths - two-day Asian style celebrations, Sikh and Hindu weddings, Nikahs, Walimas, mixed faith marriages, civil ceremonies and more.

All that was left was for Lauren and Dolapo to watch their beautifully crafted, carefully considered wedding video, which we were delighted to learn they watched on their honeymoon! It’s always nice to receive such lovely unsolicited feedback and it’s something we at Jumping Spider Films are really proud of.

“It is absolutely beautiful!  We watched the video whilst away on our honeymoon and loved it!  Thanks so much for capturing our day so beautifully.  Thanks so much for your hard work Matt.” – Lauren & Dolapo

Although, perhaps it’s not them who should be thanking us, but us them, for giving Jumping Spider Films the opportunity to film their stunning Bicester church ceremony and work with the amazing team at Poundon House to capture a truly beautiful, contemporary wedding, celebrated in a traditional Nigerian style, surrounded by such genuine family and friends.

If you, or someone you know is considering blending their culture or faith with all the glitz and glamour of a more modern day scheme, please get in touch with us at Jumping Spider Films for a relaxed, informal chat regarding wedding videography; perhaps we can even point you in the direction of the perfect wedding venue, with Poundon House, Oxfordshire sitting rather high up on that list!

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