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I've been to Pittville Park in Cheltenham a lot. When you live not too far away and you have 3 young kids Pittville Park is the place you go. It was a nice change then to finally get inside the Pump Rooms and to film Siobhan and Joel's rather pleasant Autumn Wedding. It all turned out to be a perfect day, if a little on the cold side, for the jumping spider wedding videography team...

Unusually I'd actually met Siobhan and Joel at Cheltenham Coffee house a year before their wedding when they were still mulling over which wedding videographer to go for. I don't usually meet with couples but they caught me on a day when the kids were at their feistiest and the idea of coffee with strangers in Cheltenham, in my mind, sounded like some well needed down time. So I obliged and I must have done something right because a couple of days later they booked us.

Joel and Siobhan are tech savvy people with, clearly, very good taste. They wanted us to pull out all our toys when filming the day so they went for a package that included some drone shots and some steadicam stuff. Being the flexible people we are (I can still just about touch my toes) we jumped at the chance to fly over the Pump Rooms and too pull out one of newest little investments -  a handy little steadicam called Osmo.

The day started with Matt filming with Siobhan and her lovely bridesmaids over at Malmaison in Cheltenham and Mark spending some quality man time with Joel and his crew at his parents' house, also in Cheltenham. With all the prep so close together it gave Mark plenty of time to get over to Pittville Pump Rooms and get some stunning aerial footage before pulling out another wedding videography gadget - our glide-track - to get those lovely tracking/glide shots inside the Pump room.

As is always the case it then becomes a manic rush for us just before the wedding ceremony. Running around getting shots, working out positions and getting mics on the people that need them. Thankfully the Pump Rooms is massively spacious and enabled us plenty of room to manoeuvre, hence we could get some great shots of Siobhan walking down the aisle and also plonk a camera high up on landing that overlooked the ceremony room.

The Wedding ceremony ran as smoothly as we'd hoped and Siobhan and Joel looked beyond happy throughout.  The rest of the wedding day was the usual mixture of drink, canapes, drink, food, drink, speeches and dancing. All of which went without any kind of hiccups from a wedding videography side and was an absolute pleasure to be a small part of. The only guilty part from my point of view was dragging Siobhan out into the cold to get all those lovely couple shots around Pittville Park. Still I think she agreed in was all worth it in the end....

What they said......

"This is absolutely amazing!!!!! Thank you SO much, we really really love it and totally captures the day perfectly for us! So happy :)

"our friends have gone mad saying how much they love it (and I've already watched it about 100 times lol)! It's got such a good mixture of people and moments from the day - you guys captured it all perfectly for us, and loving the drone shots!"

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