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Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. Known not only as the constituency of an ex-prime minister but also the place in which Victoria and Colin decided to get married. Most of our wedding videography take place in the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Surrey. Perhaps it’s due to word of mouth over the years or our search engine performance. I can’t be sure; but I do know we’ve filmed at a large majority of venues in the area several times, so it’s always nice to visit a new one. Merriscourt in Oxfordshire was a Jumping Spider first.

Victoria and Colin are TV people, much like ourselves. They have a background in video production and had a very clear vision of what they wanted from their wedding videographers. From our point of view, it’s both flattering and a little bit daunting when creatives choose us to make there bespoke wedding video. It means they love our work but it also means that we must be at the on top of our game both on the day and in the edit. It’s just lucky Jumping Spider wedding videography are always on top of their game ;-).

Victoria and Colin went for one of our larger packages; The Clarke Gable. They wanted all the little extras. The stunning aerial shots, the tracking shots, the Steadicam shots and the guest messages. Having 3 wedding videographers really does free us up to get more creative with our shots. We’re able to take our time on all those stunning moves you see, giving the wedding video very high production values and a slick look.

Merriscourt was a lovely, spacious venue that we’re surprised we’ve never been to before. As always Oxfordshire and Chipping Norton looked beautiful and some of the wedding drone shots (grabbed quickly in between downpours) really highlighted the beauty of the area. The wedding day ran smoothly, Victoria had some lovely moments with her dad and Colin’s speech was as good as you expect from an ex-radio presenter.

The full-length bespoke wedding video is stunning. Unfortunately, we can’t shar that one with you but you can check out Victoria and Colin’s creative wedding highlights video and it perhaps gives you some idea of how the day went.

Once again, we worked with the very talented friend of jumping spider videography – Cotswold based photographer Marcus Ward from Big-eye photography.

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