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Holly and Tom’s wedding took place at St Michaels church in Cunmor, Oxfordshire and then Ardington House just down the road in Wantage. Their wedding was a first for us – we were recommended not by a venue, wedding planner or a photographer but by Oxfordshire cake royalty, Princess Pattiserie.

Holly and Tom went for our Humphrey Bogart package with extra drone shots. We’ve always managed to get those stunning aerials shots you see all over our website, but the wind was up and shooting at Holly and Tom’s wedding was possibly the hardest drone shots we’ve ever had to capture. In comparison the rest of the day was a doddle…

The day started off with Matt filming Holly and her bridal party at Ardington House whilst Marcus was at the church getting those beautiful tracking and aerial shots you can see at the start of the wedding highlights video. Holly’s prep was good fun and Holly was one of the most relaxed brides to be we’ve ever filmed. After shooting a bit of prep Matt headed off to film Tom and the grooms party at the conveniently located pub opposite the Church.

After filming the groom’s party necking a quick pint and working out the intricacies of button holes it was time to prep for the wedding ceremony. Using our top of the range radio mics and audio equipment we put a mic on Tom and the Bishop and rigged up a little device on the lectern to record the readings. The rest of the camera set-up was plane sailing. Over the 7 years we been doing wedding videography we’re pretty confident that not even the tiniest of churches would daunt us. There’s always a way to get that shot.

The ceremony was beautiful as was the exit and we as wedding videographers had to be on the top of our game to shoot around the photographers on the day who were those types of photographers that buzz around the couple all day. Tricky, but we feel we can work with anyone.

It was soon back to the reception and whilst Matt was getting all the wedding guests shots Marcus was off getting some stunning shots of Ardington House and the wedding breakfast room – paying special attention to the cake. We may be bias but Princess Patisserie’s cakes are magnificent. We couldn’t recommend her high enough.

The rest of the day went smoothly and the speeches were very very good and a touch emotional. Holly and Tom were delighted with the final wedding video and we were pleased that we managed to film the day without any major hiccups. Wedding videography is a tricky business and to do it well you need to eyes in the back of your head and be ready to work in the trickiest of situations.

Ardington House in Oxfordshire was a fabulous venue to bring our wedding videography to and we hope to be back working there again in the not too distant future…

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