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You may have heard a bit about Coworth Park last year. It was one of the key wedding venues used by one of 2018’s major wedding events, the royal wedding of Harry & Megan. However back in 2017 the venue was kind of a big deal for us and the lovely Nicola and Rob who, yes, you guessed it, hired Coworth Park as the venue for their beautiful Berkshire wedding.

Nicola and Rob searched high and low on-line until they stumbled across jumping spider in amongst the increasing wedding videographer crowds on the web. They were looking for unobtrusive and professional wedding videographers and found us to be the perfect fit for them. Which is always a bonus. The couple went for our Humphrey Bogart package which best suited them; so, a bit of bride prep filming and the rest of the day it was for us.

Matt, the jumping spider head honcho, headed over to Nicola’s family’s place and filmed Nicola and the brides party. It’s always tricky getting those bride prep shots in small rooms so it helps that Matt is still pretty nimble on his toes even at his age.

Sam, one of our newest jumping spider wedding videographers, headed over to Coworth Park to get all those beautiful tracking shots. Rob looked suitably relaxed upon his arrival and Nicola arrived via a golf cart. Now we need to talk about THAT aisle walk. Nicola’s bridal walk through the garden wild flowers of Coworth Park was perhaps the most beautiful we have filmed. Absolutely stunning and we managed to get some cracking angles on her walk.

Thankfully the rain held off and the couple had a gorgeous outdoor wedding, from the ceremony to the drinks and canapes. All out in the beautiful English sunshine.

The Geeky bit…This was one of our first wedding video shot on the Sony A7S II, a stunning HD and 4K DSLR camera. It’s a weird leaving the legendary Canon Mark III behind, but times move on and we’re always looking to improve when we can.

The finished films were loved by Nicola and Rob; the wedding videos were edited in style that reflected them and set to some of their favourite music tracks.

For more info and some of our example packages click here.

Coworth Park is one of the many prestige venues we’ve shot at which include places such as St. Pauls Cathedral, Ely Cathedral, The Mandarin Oriental Hotel and more…

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