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Tilda and Iain’s wedding took place at Caswell House in the Cotswolds. It was our first visit to Caswell and what a stunning venue in the Cotswolds it turned out to be. The sun shone for Tilda and Iain’s wedding day and the couple were able to have that outdoor wedding they had always dreamt about. We love an outdoor wedding at Jumping Spider. As wedding videographers, it allows us room to manoeuvre as well as the freedom to film a wedding video with a beautiful scenic backdrop.

Tilda and Iain came recommended to us by friend of Jumping Spider – Cotswold wedding photographer Rob Tarren. We are recommended wedding videographers for a lot of photographers in the Cotswolds area. They know our discrete videography style works seamlessly alongside their photography and they also know they’re recommending a high-quality wedding videographer. Once again it was a real pleasure to work with Rob who we’ve worked with on many occasions including Jess & Pauls wedding among others.

The day started off with Matt filming a bit of bride prep with Tilda and her bridesmaids whilst Marcus the 2nd videographer wandered the grounds of Caswell House getting all those lovely location shots and details. Tilda had clearly gone to town on her details and put some stunning little photo details together that showed the history of her relationship with Iain. It was a very personal and fun way of adding colour and interest to Caswell’s interior. Iain soon arrived and was suitably nervous about the ceremony.

The wedding ceremony went smoothly for all, although we were all slightly un-prepared for the wedding party all breaking out into song during the ceremony and the mouse that seemed to be stalking our photographer friend. Tilda’s serene walk down the aisle was beautiful and being able to capture Iain’s reaction as she arrived was a truly memorable moment.

The reception was full of fun and party games and the speeches were excellently delivered by all. The entire wedding was in one location – on the grounds of Caswell House. Caswell House was a beautiful venue in itself and had some lovely wild gardens behind it that Rob and I were able to take advantage of by sweeping Tilda and Iain away for some intimate photos and video moments.

As always, the wedding highlights video and the full wedding video were all cut to the music that Tilda and Iain chose. They were delighted with the final films, here’s what they had to say:

“Thanks so much for the longer wedding video. We absolutely loved it. Was brilliant to see everything back again as you miss so much on the day when caught up in all the excitement. Its a great memento of our day and one I am sure we will watch many times over. “

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