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We often get asked to film the more traditional style wedding so when we were approached by a good friend of ours, TV editor Nick Elborough, to film his daughter's unique wedding at Braziers Park in Oxfordshire we jumped at the chance.

Charlotte and John were far from traditional and they had spent over 2 years planning the day. It was clear when we arrived that not only was Braziers a little different from your usual wedding venue, but also the details and furniture had all been lovingly crafted and looked beautifully rustic.

The ceremony was a humanist one and many of the guests were camped on the sprawling site; the whole vibe was very relaxed and we were able to wander around the venue  with our cameras filming anything we liked. Charlotte and John had chosen to have two  shorter length wedding films rather than a longer cut which not only freed us up to move around more during the ceremony but also enabled us to be a little more creative than usual.

Being outside and being able to move around during the ceremony was hugely liberating as we are often stuck in certain positions at many weddings. It allowed us to capture a lovely walking down the aisle shot and to get a little closer, without being intrusive, than we would be able to typically. I love the shots we got of Charlotte and Nick walking down the aisle and Charlotte and John walking back down after the ceremony and the ceremony itself was beautiful; a joy to film.

For us as wedding videographers it can be a very difficult and grueling challenge on a wedding day. You almost have to have eyes in the back of your head and have a sixth sense of what is about to occur. Thankfully Charlotte and Johns wedding filming went without a single hitch and we captured everything we wanted and more than we were expecting. I know Nick, Charlotte and John were absolutely delighted with the outcome, and Nick did a fantastic job editing all the footage together.

If you like the style of Charlotte and Johns wedding film or would like to hear more about our bespoke wedding filming service, please drop us an email or give us a call.

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