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We love a Hindu wedding at Jumping Spider. They are renowned in the wedding industry as being incredibly hard work, with long hours and large wedding crowds to deal with, we, however, find they suit our fast moving, discrete wedding videography style perfectly. Also, what’s not to love about the colourful outfits and entertaining ceremonial moments.

Word of mouth was once again how Vishaal and Sheetal found out about Jumping Spider wedding videography. We’d filmed their friends Lauren and Dolapo and Roshni and Simon in previous years and they’d loved how we work on the wedding day and how our wedding videos looked. Vishaal especially loved the momentum of our wedding videos and how they build through use of music and editing.

Matt and Marcus shot this wedding. Vishaal and Sheetal went with the smaller package which meant Matt spent some time filming the bridal prep before the Hindu ceremony began and Marcus spent time capturing those beautiful establishing shots that really help to set the scene in our wedding videos. The start of the day really began outside when Vishaal arrived to the sound of drums and noise. It was a fantastic start to the day, and we followed the crowds through as the ceremony began.

This wasn’t our first Hindu wedding, so we were well prepared and knew what to expect which is a big advantage at these weddings. The ceremony flowed beautifully and Sheetal’s entrance was stunning. Perfectly captured by Marcus under Matt’s direction. Post ceremony everyone had a little time to break and have some food which gave us time to jump on the Steadicam and prepare to shoot that confetti shot in a very cool looking way.

It was then time to head outside and capture the groom’s car drive over a coconut. An unusual but very fun aspect of the wedding day. After capturing some couple shots and some guests mingling it was time for the English wedding ceremony. This ceremony was short and sweet but still a lovely moment in the wedding day where the love between Vishaal and Sheetal was clearly evident.

The evening reception and wedding speeches was again pretty much perfect with good length speeches, well written an performed superbly. The dancing and confetti cannons also made for an excellent climax and after a few shots on the dancefloor it was time for us to leave.

We enjoyed filming Vishaal and Sheetal's wedding massively. The people were lovely, and the wedding flowed nicely. It was our first time filming at Fennes Estate in Essex and the venue was a superb space, offering lots of different areas for guests, the couple and us to explore.

Vishaal and Sheetal had this to say about our wedding videography…

“This is so amazing! We love these highlights so much, kept watching it again and again! Really captured some great details as well. You've done such a fantastic job!

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